Dairy Systems Management’s author, Adam Peffer is passionate about the dairy industry. With his strong background in managing and organizing large dairies both in the United States and internationally, he has been a great asset to the dairy industry.

Adam Peffer has many years of successful large herd management experience. As long time manager at one of the most successful and largest registered Holstein farms in North America, Green Meadow Farms, Mr. Peffer developed a management system that is used on many successful farms in the United States and around the world. 

Realizing the enormous value and demand for dairy management and training, Mr Peffer now works providing the dairy industry with valuable professional management and training that have helped many dairies worldwide increase their production, profits, and management skills.



Experience and Education

Adam Peffer Dairy Consultant

  • USMC - Management and Leadership
  • Work experience - 200 - 12,000 milking cows
  • Dale Carnegie - Leadership
  • Dairy consulting and management of projects from 50 -18,000 cow dairies in the USA, Europe, Russia, and CIS countries
  • Seminars and University Lectures
  • Senior Dairy Consultant / Instructor - InfoDairy

Consulting and Training - USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East, and CIS

  • Turn key Projects
  • Dairy design evaluation
  • Management solutions
  • Dairy organization
  • Husbandry training
  • Reproduction
  • Milk quality

Adam Peffer Dairy Consultant


“Theory creates success on paper,

Experience creates success in reality” Adam Peffer - American large herd manager